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ADULT PROGRAM (ages 13+)

Session 1 9:10-10:00

Harmony Singing with Val Mindel
There is nothing quite as satisfying as voices coming together in harmony. In this class you can expect some fundamental music theory (very accessible to all!), some practice making up harmonies, vocal style tips, as well as just having fun making music together. The repertoire will be a combination of of small-group songs (traditional and country duets and trios) and big-group singing (rounds, songs for community singing).

Irish Set Dance with Matthew Olwell
Description coming soon!

Latin Couple Dance with Wendy Graham Settle
Description coming soon!

Session 2 10:15 - 11:05

Old-Time Singing and String Band with Val Mindel
In this class, we'll learn some great old-time stringband tunes (and possibly some songs as well, depending on who comes to the class), primarily from West Virginia. All instruments are welcome (fiddle, banjo, mandolin, guitar, bass). To get the most out of the class, participants should have some experience learning tunes by ear, but we will tailor the speed of learning to the folks who come.

English Country Dance with Gaye Fifer
Throughout the week, we will enjoy the delicious variety of moods, music and movements that English country dancing can offer. We will focus on common figures and explore all the ways they have been used to good effect in lovely dances.

Sean-nos with Emily Oleson
Description coming soon!

Session 3 11:20 - 12:10

Irish Ensemble Class with Tadhg Ó Meachair & Joanna Hyde
Come learn about Irish music! We will teach a variety of tunes, explore stylistic elements within Irish music, and arrange the tunes we learn into larger ensemble sets with accompaniment, harmony, and variation. Along the way we'll chat about how Irish music relates and/or compares to other styles of music. All instruments and levels are welcome, and we'll do our best to tailor the class to the group. Learning will be done largely by ear, but we will also provide sheet music and chord charts as needed.

Contra Course with Gaye Fifer and participants
Description coming soon!

Partnering Skills with Matthew Olwell and Emily Oleson
Description coming soon!

TEENS* (ages 13-18)
*Teens participate in the adult program throughout the day, with one special teens only class offered just for them.

Teen Band and Singing with Val Mindel
Description coming soon!

Intergenerational 1:30 - 2:30

Callers' Course with Gaye Fifer
This Course is a workshop designed for intermediate callers. The focus is on two important topics: teaching skills (understanding choreography and building a concise teaching vocabulary) and stage craft (improving performance presence and vocal skills, and collaborating with musicians). All of this takes place in a supportive environment designed to help participants discover their strengths and explore new ideas. We cover such topics as teaching figures, recognizing good choreography, understanding effective walk-throughs and inspiring confidence in your dancers. There will also be hands-on experience when Course participants practice calling/teaching dances. This will be followed by dancer critique using a safe and supportive feedback model.

Needle Felting with Beth Harvey
Explore sculpture and art using wool! Needle felting is an easy and satisfying art form to begin, with lots of methods and detail to continue exploring. From whimsical to realistic the possibilities are endless and the clean up is easy. We’ll work through some projects together while you create your own Cumberland artwork to take home.

Dance Band (9+)
Want to play for dancers? Of course you do! This class will introduce students to the basics of working with other musicians to create strong grooves, fun arrangements, and exciting musical dynamics. We'll teach some tunes and experiment with ways to make them fun to dance to. No prior band experience necessary but students should have a least a small repertoire of tunes and/or chords and a basic proficiency with their instrument.

Parade Art! (all ages) with Sam Bartlett
Using my favorite resource in the world, cardboard, we will make hats, masks, and large animals and other parade-able beings. All ages, but under 8 with a parent or helper.

Mummer's Play (9+) with Emily Oleson and Meg Dedolph
Mummers' Plays are a super fun and comic folk theater tradition from the British Isles, although with a complicated history. You may know some of the familiar stock characters - such as Saint George, the Doctor and the Dragon. Everyone is welcome to come and have fun with us as we flip this dramatic form on its head and play at creating our own play.


Ritual with Kappy Laning
Description coming soon!

Rhythm & Dance with Matthew Olwell
Description coming soon!

Social Dance with Wendy Graham Settle
Description coming soon!


Musical Exploration with Tadhg Ó Meachair & Joanna Hyde
Let's have some musical fun as we learn a few lullabies, folk songs and simple melodies, explore dance and rhythmic activities, and play a variety of musical games. Please bring along any instruments at home that you would like to try out, and we will go on an adventure!

Ritual Dance with Kappy Laning
Description coming soon!

Description coming soon!

CHILDGROVE PROGRAM (ages 2-6, 0-2 welcome with adult)

Musical Movement and Play with Meg Dedolph
We will sing, dance, and play each day sharing and learning songs, stories, and poems. Bring a favorite toy or story to share.

Outdoor Explore
Let your hair down while creating sand and rock empires, splashing in the creek, frolicking on the lawn or observing critters (possibilities from armadillos to tiny tree frogs to swallows nests) with a great group of friends.

Tap into your creative side by using bits of nature to make fun art. Focused on natural materials that can easily be returned to the earth, or recyclable materials. We will build little treasures and also something to share with our friends at camp.


Skill Swap
Community lead workshops or class sessions. Could be anything!- an afternoon of games, crafting an art project, discussion on dance communities, foraging for mushrooms, slow jams, swapping clogging steps, a round of rounds, etc. Go to a pick-up class from a world class folkie and/or take a class from an 8 year old. Maybe you'll lead, maybe you'll choose your own adventure.

Camp Activities
Swimming in a cool swimming hole with slide and beach area is offered every afternoon. Another camp activity is offered alongside swim time. Examples of potential offerings are axe throwing, ziplining, boating, giant swing, climbing wall, etc. These activities are all overseen by NaCoMe camp counselors.

We come together toward the end of our day to share in song, skit, story, comedy, performance, talents, special moments, joy, harmony, readings, and.... announcements! Not to be missed. What might you share?

Community Dance
Easy, lively, fun dances for ALL ages.
On July 4th we will have a campfire gathering instead of community dance.

Evening Dance
A variety of dance forms (Contras, Squares, English, and more). Led by staff callers.

Late-Night Dancing (teens & adults)
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday evenings in a variety of forms