Work Exchange

Work exchange is automatically available to anyone who selects one or both of these options in registration.

Work exchange is not available in addition to a scholarship.
If you are applying for a scholarship, please do not register for work exchange

All Work Exchange recipients need to attend a work meeting held on the first afternoon of camp to receive instructions and meet those you will be working with.

Work Exchange 1 (week-of assignments)

Campers aged 18 and up can save $125 in exchange for two hours of work per day (Sun PM -Thurs). Types of work include: assisting with the silent auction; helping with special events; preparing children's or adults' snacks; serving as cabin monitor after children's bedtime.

Work Exchange 2 (Setup and Teardown)

Campers aged 18 and up can save $125 by joining our Work Crew! Requirements are: arriving at camp by 11am on Sunday and remaining until 4pm on Friday (for dance hall set-up, tear-down). No work required while camp is in session, except one evening cabin monitoring shift.

Work Exchange Stacked 

YES! You can select both of the above options during registration. This will give you a "stacked" discount of $250 off. You will be required to come to camp early, stay late, and will be tasked with a work exchange assignment throughout the week. 

Teen Work Exchange

Teens 13-17 can also participate in our work exchange program, receiving $70 discount in exchange for up to 1 hour of work per day.

Head to registration and simply select the Work Exchange option(s) you desire for each registrant in your party.
Please note - If you are unable to meet your work requirements you will be responsible for full payment.

Need more financial help than this? Visit our Scholarship page for different options.