Lloyd Shaw Foundation Scholarships

The Lloyd Shaw Foundation (LSF) awards a number of adult scholarships to qualified dance leaders, musicians, and teachers. Please read the descriptions and requirements of each scholarship before applying. There are two ways to apply:

1. Download and print this mail-in application. 2. Apply online.

Scholarship applicants are required to complete a registration form (online or by mail) at time of application, but are not required to pay a deposit

Other Financial Resources

Work Exchange

Campers aged 18 and up can save in exchange for up to two hours per day. Types of work include: assisting with the silent auction; helping set up or take down sound equipment, lights, etc.; preparing children's or adults' snacks; serving as cabin monitor after children's bedtime. New this year: Teens can also participate in our work exchange program, saving $50 for up to 1 hour of lighter-duty tasks per day.

Work Crew 

Campers aged 18 and up can save up to $270 by joining our Work Crew! Requirements are: arriving at camp by 1pm on July 2 and remaining until 4pm on July 7 (for dance hall set-up, tear-down) and 1-2 hours of daily assigned work during the week. Assigned duties may overlap with class and dance time.

Other Opportunities

Cumberland Dance Week offers several skill-building opportunities through its callers' workshops, sound apprenticeship program, and dance band workshop. Dance organizations sometimes offer financial assistance to members of their dance community to attend a camp where they could learn skills which would benefit the organization. Check with your local dance organization to find out if they offer such support.