You'd like to come to camp, but you're not sure how to afford it? We have several options that make attending the week more financially manageable.  Please follow the simple steps below.

Step 1: Read this page and decide if a Scholarship or Work Discount is right for you
A scholarship award can cover a significant portion of your total cost. If you feel you can afford to pay more toward your cost, select from two Work Discount options when filling out the registration form. The two options, Work Exchange and Work Crew, can be combined for an even greater savings. (link to descriptions below)

Step 2: If applying for a Scholarship, fill out the online form or download and print the mail-in form
We two main categories of scholarships: Cumberland Dance Week and Lloyd Shaw Foundation (our supporting organization). Please note deadlines for scholarship applications. (embedded links above)

Step 3: Register for camp
If you are applying for a scholarship, you do not need to pay a deposit. (link)

Step 4: LSF scholarship awardees will be notified by May 15th. CDW scholarship awardees will be notified May 15th and June 1st. 


Cumberland Dance Week Scholarships  Closed
CDW has received a generous, anonymous donation to support both young adult individuals and families who are currently experiencing financial hardship and wish to attend the full week of camp. Right & Left Through and Turning Basket scholarships are need-based and are assessed by the scholarship coordinator and the director. There will be a work requirement. 
We are expanding R & L Through scholarships to any adults 18+ for the year 2022.

New this year! Single-Guardian Scholarships - Families attending with only one parent or guardian and young children are eligible for this scholarship that relieves them of work duties. 

1. Download and print this mail-in application.
3. Deadline to apply is April 15th, but applications will be considered until funds are depleted.

All scholarship applicants are required to complete a registration form (online or by mail) at time of application, but are not required to pay a deposit.

Lloyd Shaw Foundation Scholarships (adult individuals) Closed

The Lloyd Shaw Foundation (LSF) awards a number of adult scholarships to qualified dance leaders, musicians, and teachers. Selection is based on multiple criteria including interest, financial need, and leadership potential. Applications are assessed by the Lloyd Shaw Foundation Board. Please read the descriptions and requirements of each scholarship on the LSF website under the join/support tab before applying. There are two ways to apply:

1. Download and print this mail-in application. 2. Apply online.
3. Deadline to apply is April 15th. Award notifications will be sent by May 15th.

All scholarship applicants are required to complete a registration form (online or by mail) at time of application, but are not required to pay a deposit.

Other Financial Resources-

Work Exchange

Campers aged 18 and up can save in exchange for two hours of duties per day. Simply select this option when you register. Types of work include: assisting with the silent auction; helping set up or take down sound equipment, lights, etc.; preparing children's or adults' snacks; playground monitoring, evening cabin monitoring after children's bedtime. Teens can save $70 for 1 hour of light-duty tasks per day.

Work Crew- Set-Up/Tear-Down

Campers aged 18 and up can save up to $125 by joining our Set-Up/Tear-Down Crew! Requirements are: arriving at camp by 11am on July 3rd and remaining until approximately 4pm on July 8th. Get the work done before or after camp and enjoy the rest of the week duty-free! ...OR stack this discount with the Work Exchange discount for a total savings of $250! This option is available to select on our regular registration form. 

Other Opportunities

Cumberland Dance Week offers several skill-building opportunities through its callers' workshops, sound apprenticeship program, and dance band workshop. Dance organizations sometimes offer financial assistance to members of their dance community to attend a camp where they could learn skills which would benefit the organization. Check with your local dance organization to find out if they offer such support.

All scholarship recipients and workers need to attend a scholarship meeting held on the first afternoon of camp to receive instructions and meet those you will be working with.