Contact us for any questions regarding camp or registration.

During registration, you will tell us if you prefer to pay by check or credit card and the registrar will email you an invoice for the deposit. Final payment due June 15.  Deadline to register is June 15.  

Scholarships: See the scholarship page for detailed information and applications.

CDW Scholarships
Right & Left Through (ages 18-35) and Turning Basket (families) scholarships are made possible by a generous donation and are available until funds are depleted. Please see our scholarship page for details.
Deadline to apply is June 1st.

Lloyd Shaw Foundation Scholarships

Single adult scholarships are available through the Lloyd Shaw Foundation. 
Deadline to apply is April 15

Work Options: Indicate your choice of Work Option during registration.

*Work Exchange Rate
Campers aged 18 and up can save $125 in exchange for two hours of work per day. Types of work include: assisting with the silent auction; helping set up or take down sound equipment, lights, etc.; preparing children's or adults' snacks; serving as cabin monitor after children's bedtime.

*Teen Work Exchange! 
Teens 13-17 can also participate in our work exchange program, saving $70 for up to 1 hour of work per day.

**Work Crew- Set up & Tear down
Campers aged 18 and up can save $125 by joining our Work Crew! Requirements are: arriving at camp by 11am on Sunday and remaining until 4pm on Friday (for dance hall set-up, tear-down). No work required while camp is in session.

Cost includes five nights' lodging, fifteen meals, and all music and dance classes. Adult craft classes may require a small, additional fee for materials.

March 31
March 31
 Adult (18 & up) $575
 Work Exchange Rate* less $125 can be "stacked" with SetUp/TearDown for additional -$125 $450
(stacked total $325)
(stacked total $370)
can be "stacked" with work exchange for additional -$125
(stacked total $325)
(stacked total $370)
 Ages 13-17 $395
 Teen Work Exchange*
 Ages 2-12 $295
 Ages 0-1
 $90   $90
Private Room for 2-3 People- limited availability
 Add $175  
 Add $175
Private Room for 4-5 People- limited availability
 Add $150
 Add $150
 LSF member discount
  ($50 max.)
  ($50 max.)

IMPORTANT: Please make checks payable to the Lloyd Shaw Foundation (or LSF).

Day Rates

Day rates are available for local residents.  Please contact us if you're interested.

Tell your friends about CDW! If they sign up, we'll give you a discount. We'll deduct $25 from your invoice for each full-paying adult who registers for camp based on your recommendation. Send an email to with the names of those you've recruited.

Cancellation Policy
If for some reason you need to cancel, all fees will be refunded minus a $50 processing fee if you cancel by June 15th. Cancellations after June 15 will result in a loss of all fees (except in cases of emergency).

COVID updates
Due to the nature of this event everyone ages 5+ is required to be fully vaccinated with recommended boosters. 

CDW is also requiring PCR testing within 72 hours of arriving at camp.