Class Descriptions, CDW 2019

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ADULT PROGRAM (ages 13+)

French Band with Susan Kevra and Rachel Bell

If you’ve ever danced a bourrée or heard a mysterious an dro tucked into a contra dance set, you know that the French bal folk repertoire offers a captivating variety of musical styles. Come for a sampling of tunes from Central France and Brittany, ranging from exuberant bourrees to trancy hanter dros to beautiful mazurkas. We’ll choose one or two of these tunes for deeper exploration, working on phrasing, harmonies, danceability, backup grooves, and ensemble ideas. Then we’ll play that tune for dancing at the soirée later in the week!

Harmony Singing with Emily Miller

There is nothing quite as satisfying as voices coming together in harmony. In this class you can expect some fundamental music theory (very accessible to all!), some practice making up harmonies, vocal style tips, as well as just having fun making music together. The repertoire will be a combination of of small-group songs (traditional and country duets and trios) and big-group singing (rounds, songs for community singing). 

Irish Set Dancing with Jim Morrison

Square Dancing with Susan Kevra

Take a musical and square dance voyage with us - from New England with its stately, elegant squares to Appalachia for fast and friendly visiting couple squares, then to the West for dynamic fast paced squares, sure to convert even the staunchest contraphile to squares. And the benefit of such a great band is harmony singing on old singing squares, too! 

Tune Writing with Rachel Bell

How do you write a tune? Does an idea pop into your head fully formed, or do you sit down with your instrument with the intention of composing? How do you keep a tune from sounding too predictable, while at the same time avoiding forced cleverness? What can you do if you find yourself in a rut? In this class, we’ll discuss these questions and work together through several compositional approaches. We will explore fun strategies for generating and connecting ideas as well as breaking through creative blocks.

Community Callers Course with Chrissy Davis-Camp

Do you remember when you first started dancing? What was it that drew you in? 
When you call a dance do you assume that you will have to do alot of "teaching" (you talk, dancers listen). 
Who is going to be there? How many will actually dance?
Age ranges to consider?
Is it inside or outside?
Sound system or "unplugged"? Live music or recordings?
There are so many balls to juggle when you are the one in charge of everyone's fun factor. Let's talk about it. Try some things out and build on what you already know. I call about 120 dances a year, about half of those are for beginner dancers. There are many things to think about when you call for newbies.

English Country Dance with Chrissy Davis-Camp
The thing that sets English Country Dancing apart from contra dancing is one of two things; either the music was written specifically for the dance or the dance was written specifically for the piece of music. The two go together seamlessly. Some dances can be quite "knees-up" while others can be sweet and lovely. In this class we will try all types. If you are already a fan of English Country Dance, hopefully you will get to do some favorites and learn some new ones. If you are new to this genre, hopefully by the end of the week you will be added to the fan group!

Old-Time Strings with Emily Miller
In this class, we'll learn some great old-time stringband tunes (and possibly some songs as well, depending on who comes to the class), primarily from West Virginia. All instruments are welcome (fiddle, banjo, mandolin, guitar, bass). To get the most out of the class, participants should have some experience learning tunes by ear, but we will tailor the speed of learning to the folks who come.

Polynesian Dance with Marliss Brockington
Our focus will be on learning ancient and modern style hula. You will connect to the music, the dance moves and the story and history ingrained in hula. Not only is it a majestic experience, it can also be a great workout!


Songs for All with Elisabeth Epstein

Come gather together in a circle and sing! We'll learn some great rounds, zipper songs, and more -- and build community along the way. For smalls to talls and everyone in-between. 

Dance Band with Deb Shebish and Jonathan Whitall

In Band Class, Jonathan Whitall and Deb Shebish will guide students through the process of learning new tunes and then creating fun and danceable arrangements of what we have learned.  Our end goal is to play for a few contra dances with a caller.  All instruments are welcome!

Telling stories/ Writing workshop with Marney Morrison

Day one, in pairs, we’ll tell each other very short versions of multiple stories from our lives; we’ll settle on one to tell in more detail to a small group.  We’ll tell, ask our listeners what more they want to know, write, workshop for more feedback, revise and present by camp’s end. Boom!

If you sign up for this class, I will send out teasers by e-mail the week before camp to give you a jump-start.

Parade Art! with Sam Bartlett

Using my favorite resource in the world, cardboard, we will make hats, masks, and large animals and other parade-able beings.  All ages, but under 8 with a parent or helper. 

TEENS* (ages 13-18)
*Teens participate in the adult program through out the day, with one special teens only class offered for them.
We will be learning basic elements of all polynesian cultural dances (hula, Tahitian, Maori, Samoan, etc) and learning an exciting performance piece which may include costumes! 

MUMMERS PROGRAM (ages 10-12)

Mid-summer Mummers’ with DeLaura Padovan
Bring any costumes, props, and ideas that are your FAVORITE and we will see what awesomeness we can create using our bodies, voices, and instruments to tell a story with a lesson. Yes, music, fun and games are included in this class!

Border Morris with Jim Morrison

Singing Rhythm with Abby Ladin
Singing, hand and body rhythms, beginning clogging steps and moving patterns will fill our time together.

*New Group* PROGRAM (ages 8-9)

Our craft class will work on a combination of individual work and collaborative group projects. We will do some nature collecting to weave a tapestry to which all campers can contribute through the week. After last year's costume workshop, some wearable art is probably in store for this group as well.

Titi Torea with Marliss Brockington
Titi Torea is the maori stick game beloved by all ages! We will be tapping, tossing and having a great time learning this fun, rhythm exercise originating from New Zealand.
Dance & Games with Seth Tepfer


Garland with Kappy Laning
Garland dancing has its roots in south of England from the 1600’s and is often  associated with springtime celebrations. Class participants will learn a traditional garland dance and make garland head pieces as part of the class.

Music & Movement with Meg Dedolph
What's got at least a dozen legs and likes to dance? 
The world's most musical centipede? Two longsword teams? An octopus with a dog? 
No! It's the Revelers, singing, dancing and creating music and stories with Meg Dedolph and one of our talented staff musicians. Try out some old songs, some new songs and some songs that we create together. Kids only, no centipedes, dogs or octopuses allowed. 

Crafts with Katie Zukof
We will roll up our sleeves and dig in to create contemporary and traditional treasures, unleashing our creativity and sense of exploration.


Outdoor Explore
Let your hair down while creating sand and rock empires, splashing in the creek, frolicking on the lawn or observing critters (possibilities from armadillos to tiny tree frogs to swallows nests) with a great group of friends.

Musical Movement and Play with DeLaura Padovan
We will sing, dance, and play each day sharing and learning songs, stories, and poems. Bring a favorite toy or story to share.

Make Cool Stuff with DeLaura Padovan
The sky’s the limit here as we explore new things daily. Come prepared to get hands dirty and have lots of fun!


Skill Swap
Community lead workshops or class sessions. Could be anything!- an afternoon of games, crafting an art project, discussion on dance communities, foraging for mushrooms, slow jams, swapping clogging steps, a round of rounds, etc. Go to a pick-up class from a world class folkie and/or take a class from an 8 year old. Maybe you'll lead, maybe you'll choose your own adventure.

We come together toward the end of our day to share in song, skit, story, comedy, performance, talents, special moments, joy, harmony, readings, and.... announcements! Not to be missed. What might you share?

Community Dance
Easy, lively, fun dances for ALL ages.
On July 4th we will have a campfire gathering instead of community dance.

Evening Dance
A variety of dance forms (Contras, Squares, English, and more). Led by staff callers.

Late-Night Dancing (teens & adults)
Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday evenings. Offerings TBA.

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