Cumberland Dance Week
is the all-inclusive folk dance and music camp of the South. We are known for our hot music, exuberant dancing, and top-notch classes. You won't need a babysitter – we offer a quality educational program for all ages! One of the most affordable summer dance camps around!
Mark your calendar!
July 2-7, 2017

Wendy Graham Settle 
Drake Meadow

Julia Weatherford of Sugar High, 
Nathan Wilson of Dreamdance, 
Ben Schreiber of Uncle Farmer,
 Jonathan Whitall of Cosmic Otters, 
Meg Dedolph of Cosmic Otters, 
Kendall Rogers of The Jig Lords

Class Staff
Ellie Grace, Jim Pfitzer, 
Sarah Jo Jacobs, Katie Zukof,
 Hazel Jodock, Nancy Meadow,
 Darrell Webb, Laurie White,
 Jenna Holmes Zimmerman

Sound Wizard
Tim James